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Super Haters #305

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Welcome! Your ringmaster for the next two weeks is the master artist known as Byron Winton -- painter, scholar, weirdo, and more.

Byron has both written and drawn Super Haters #305-314. I'm coloring and lettering the strips, and, uhhh... sorta but not really editing them too. I think I've asked Byron to make a grand total of two changes so far, and I can't imagine the final tally will go much beyond that.

These next two weeks aren't so much of a story arc as they are an exploration. Focusing on the theme of identity, Byron has taken movie dialogue and settings, and thrust them into the ridiculous world of the Super Haters. The result is eerie and enchanting. Enjoy!

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  1. Mulldusa, with his short sleeves, better have bug repellent on. Jerry, at least has his swatter. 'Cause you know Skull's got the cooties!

  2. Wait, what?!

  3. @Andrew: I didn't wanna say anything until today's strip came out, since they're connected and all, ya know. But now I'd hope you get it.

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