Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye have finally reached the glen of the mysterious sabertooth unicorn.

Super Haters #304

Super Haters #303Andrew Kilian
Guest Week
Super Haters #305
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WHOOPH! It's finally done! I'm so proud of the story Andrew Kilian and I have told with these five pages. Sorry it took so long to come out! Andrew's art is so detailed that I greatly underestimated the amount of time I needed to color it.

And the fact of the matter is that the colors are still evolving! I'll be posting a link to the finalized story later this week, by which time I'll have made some corrections to all of the previous strips. So keep an eye out for the remastered Andrew Kilian Guest Week!

Mega huge super giant THX to Andrew for giving this story a shot. I had a ton of fun and I learned a lot along the way. Make sure to check out more of Andrew's art on his deviantART page.

So what's next for the Haters? Get ready for next Monday when I'll proudly debut Byron Winton Guest Week(s), featuring comics both written and drawn by Byron (with some colors and letters by me). It's gonna be awesome!!! See you then.

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  1. ross says:

    haha! i LOVE Mind's Eye in that last panel, so funny. and i totally love Andrew's unicorn. awesome. and i gotta say, i think Destruct-o-tron has THE hottest ass in comics. that shot of him in his bed a few strips ago, this strip here where 4 out of the 5 panels D-Tron is in has his incredible ass just right there... sorry, Psylocke, no contest. no sarcasm here, btw.

  2. ross says:

    wait i just noticed the unicorn has no skin or something in the last panel?? D-Tron seems surprised and shocked at what Mind's Eye is doing, but how did Mind's Eye strip all the skin and flesh off the thing that fast?!

  3. @Ross: I agree. D-Tron = hottest ass in comics. So squeezable.

    As for the skin thing, it could be read a number of ways...

    There's no official marking of the passage of time... however, if you notice in the fourth panel, Mind's Eye says she left something back at the glen (something that requires her to run to get to it). In the fifth panel, she obviously had to cross through the bushes to get there. And then in the sixth panel, the background shows the same mountain range as the fourth panel, so the intent is to imply that she came back through the bushes carrying the heart. Following that interpretation, I'd say that around 5 minutes went by in between panels 4 and 6.

    BUT (and this is important) that's only one way to read it. Regardless of setting and the relations of the glen to the foot of the mountain, Mind's Eye is a mystic. For all we know, she could have put a spell on the sabertooth unicorn and ripped the heart right from its chest. To me, it's open to interpretation.

    Does that help?

  4. I too agree with D-Tron having the Bestest Bunz in Comics! Bounce a quarter off of them mounds!

    Andrew's run was great! Beauty in the subtleties and body language. Nick, the story was cute, clever, and funny. You done good for once.

  5. THX! Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe as a thank you, you could bounce a quarter off of MY ass the next time you see me.

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