On their quest to hunt down the enigmatic sabertooth unicorn, the Haters encountered the World's Most Dangerous Virgin.

Super Haters #303

Super Haters #302Andrew Kilian
Guest Week
Super Haters #304
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FINALLY!!! Here's what I've been promising you -- a detailed description of my collaboration with Andrew:

I emailed him and asked him if he wanted to draw the Super Haters. He said yes. Then he told me what kind of story he wanted to draw. I wrote up a plot. He liked it, so I turned it into a script. He drew it. I colored and lettered it.

And that's it!!! I hope you enjoyed that thorough account of our complex collaboration. Now be back on Wednesday for the conclusion to this kickass story arc.

Oh, and one more thing -- over the weekend I posted all of the Reality story arc on Facebook. So if you missed it or you just wanna relive the laughs, go read it in one big chunk.

Comments on Andrew Kilian Guest Week pt 4? We got 3 so far... leave yours now!

  1. That last panel turned out better than I hoped. Looks even better in color!

  2. holy gene simmons minds eye, that tongue is long! (insert bad sex joke here)

  3. @Andrew: Glad you like it!!! I put a lot of love into that one :)

    @Shawn: Yeah, it's really fucking long. When I first got the art from Andrew, my jaw dropped when I saw the tongue panel. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

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