Destruct-O-Tron thinks getting drunk will improve the Super Haters reality show.

Super Haters #291

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I'm sorry I'm posting the comic strip a few hours late today... but I brought goodies with me!!! What derailed the timely arrival of today's comic was a massive undertaking that I didn't realize was massive until I started working on it. Let me start from the beginning...

See, Google+ just added a new pages features and I was excited to get the Super Haters on there ASAP. And that's what I did! So if you're on G+, pls add the Super Haters G+ page to your circles!!!

Creating the G+ page was easy... but I decided it should launch with some content. So I had the bright idea of posting the longest Super Haters story arc to date -- Le Hunger -- as a photo album... in a panel-by-panel format. Suffice to say that it had waaay more panels than I'd estimated. And to top that off, it also required tweaking to maintain the quality of the reading experience. I had to add stuff like "The Next Day" and other transitions.

Finally, I finished the panels -- 179 in total. Not too shabby, right? Then I went to upload them to G+ and that's when the biggest problem hit. If you're familiar with G+ photo albums and batch uploading, then you already know that the pics don't always upload in the order that you want them to. No biggie because you can just pop over to Picasa Web Albums and organize them there.

But that's not the case with G+ pages. For some reason, those photo albums don't show up in your Picasa Web Albums. And there's no option for editing the order or organizing the images within G+ itself. So if you want your pictures to be seen in perfect order with a G+ page photo album, you need to ensure that they upload in the perfect order cause there's no rearranging them!

That means I uploaded all 179 images one-by-one. But it worked! Here's Le Hunger panel-by-panel on G+. Also, not to be left out, I thought FB deserved the same treatment, so here's Le Hunger panel-by-panel on Facebook.

But I wasn't done yet. I decided I should add some people to my Super Haters circles. As I quickly discovered, G+ pages can only add other G+ pages. So I hunted down about 100 other comics-related pages and created a new circle. And I shared it with the world!

So that's my excuse. G+ pages + photos + Facebook + a new G+ Comics pages circle. Whoooph! I need a nap. (EDIT: The circle I linked to yesterday didn't work correctly because it contained both Pages and Profiles. I've changed the links to take you to a circle that only contains Pages. Problem solved!!!)

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