Destruct-O-Tron is working hard to perfect his new Super Haters reality TV show.

Super Haters #290

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I hope you read my write-up following Friday's comic strip. If not, go back and check it out! I went into detail about the different Super Haters story arcs Justique and I have championed. Like I said, Reality is her baby and I thought you might enjoying learning about some of the other arcs that she's directed.

Also speaking of Friday, RALF showed up with a radical new look -- a spray tan and some guido hair. But his road to reality wasn't a smooth ride. He tested out multiple different looks before he settled on his Jersey Shore makeover. Here's a taste:

On the Super Haters Tumblr, I've posted a write-up of RALF's attempts to get real, complete with the styles he was seeking. Check it out!

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