I received an unexpected gift from my friend, podcast collaborator, and former Super Haters guest writer, Ross Campbell. The gift was...

Minds Eye by Ross Campbell

...this super kickass awesome Mind's Eye sketch! I love how it captures her constant frustration, yet also manages to convey the fact that she's that given up and accepted Destruct-O-Tron's bullshit as a part of her daily life. Annoyed meets ennui!! I like the little touches -- her nail polish, bracelets, earrings. Also, Ross is the first artist to acknowledge the fact that Mind's Eye has no eyebrows!

I'm sure you already know Ross as the creator of such stellar stories as Wet Moon, Shadoweyes, Water Baby, and The Abandoned... or maybe you've heard he's the artist for Image's Glory relaunch. Point is, he's got a lot of fantastic comics in print and in the works. Check 'em out! Follow the Shadoweyes blog, keep up with Ross on deviantART, and listen to us conversate on A Podcast with Ross and Nick.

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