Destruct-O-Tron's having problems with his comic book.

Super Haters #274

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  1. well thats not very nice of rick! whatta jerk! i gots yo back d-tron

  2. ross says:

    not sure what to call them but i like the additions of the text visuals, like the display screens or whatever! one thing i'm noticing that i'm not crazy about though, is that D-Tron and Mind's Eye don't fit into the panels anymore, they're slightly cropped out and it seems kind of weird...

  3. hahaha yeah, i've been slowly moving them to the sides. SORRY! i'd prefer to keep them in the middle more, but pushing them out a little gives me more room for dialogue. and, in particular, it makes it easier to include back and forth banter.

  4. I changed something in this comic. Can anyone tell what?

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