Destruct-O-Tron has started making comics to cover RALF's food bill... but is it working?

Super Haters #267

Super Haters #266Le HungerSuper Haters #268
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I'm sure you're reading this and thinking, "Pssssh! Destruct-O-Tron's not really gonna be at PIX." Ahhhhh au contraire mes amis! He'll be there, alright... in six new Super Haters minicomics!!!! Justique and I hand-picked some of our favorite 15-strip story arcs, and I printed them up in a super-unique ultra-collectible format! I don't have a photo of them yet (coming later this week!), but I do have images of the covers. Check 'em out!

And make sure to get your asses to PIX: Pittsburgh's Indy Comics Expo this weekend from 10 AM to 5 PM both Saturday and Sunday. I'm gonna have a ton of other comics, too. You can find out more about what I'll be offering by listening to today's Sequential Underground podcast on the AudioShocker.

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  1. Nothing more fun than facing the financial reality that nothing we create would get as many hits as a sex video of...just about anything. But I dug the pencil and ink joke. As Groucho Marx said, "When money goes out the door, love flies innuendo."

  2. THX! Yeah, sex tapes definitely make more financial sense... but I also think you have to be a minor celebrity to make them really pay off (Pam, Paris, Kim, Screech... ya know).

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