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Super Haters #265

Super Haters #264Le HungerSuper Haters #266
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Do you like Destruct-O-Tron's art? I HOPE SO! I have a quick little horror story to tell you about it...

I spent Friday night creating the top panel of this comic strip. I drew it digitally, and it came together within a few hours. Justique got home around 10-ish and I still had a few tweaks to go. I was getting tired and I wanted to go hang out with Justique instead of finishing the art. I was getting bleary. Still, I soldiered through it and I finished up around 10:30. I decided to flatten the image and test it out at Super Haters size (764 px @ 72 dpi) just to see how it would look.

Can you guess the rest? (Some of you already know where this is going, but for those who don't I'll name my biggest mistake...) I saved it. And I forgot to change it back to 4500 px @ 300 dpi and save it again. Of course, I didn't realize this until the next morning when I woke up and checked the file. I wanted to cry. My beautiful "no-one-is-ever-gonna-believe-Nick-made-this" art was saved at super low resolution!!! And flattened. So yeah, I lost a lot of work. And it hurt.

I used Illustrator to do an extremely detailed vector scan of the lo-res artwork. So at least I can blow the image up now without nasty blurring... although it'll always be pixelated. Nothing I can do about that. Now that's a true horror story!!

Anyway, a few hours later, I was at Pittsburgh's Toonseum celebrating 24-Hour Comics Day. And I'm proud to say that I finished my 24-page Stick Cats comic in 12 hours! I'll be posting a 24HCD 2011 recap later today on my blog, and I'll add the link here in the description when it's complete. EDIT: Here it is!

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