Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye have been joined by a strange new guest...

Super Haters #261

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If you look over to the sidebar, you'll notice there's a new widget. It looks like this:

It's for the website inkOUTBREAK, a webcomics aggregator that lets you access a bunch of updated comics from a single hub. I just added Super Haters to the site this morning, so if you're already a user, follow us! If you're not already a user but you like the sound of it, it's really easy to sign up for the service. Give it a shot and make the Haters your first follow!!

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  1. Like Mind's Eye didn't already know that.

  2. Also, I've been thinking about trying to do something where Silber's minis could be done through inkOUTBREAK, any idea how to do that with PDFs/CBZs? I mean, I guess some people would say those are digital comics rather than webcomics anyway but I was thinking of maybe getting a blog that exclusively just has links to the PDFs as entries or something.

  3. Well, I think it's possible if you broke out the individual pages of the Silber minis and ran them as a panel-a-day jpgs on a blog. So, for example, with XLK you could run a panel a day Mon-Fri until the book finishes (about a month, right?). Or, if that feels too long, you could group them into 3-panel strips (although there'd rarely be a punchline at the end).

    But I think you'd have to do it like that because as far as I understand, the way inkOUTBREAK works is that it's all about the updates and how often you're posting new content. So if the site is full of downloadable PDFs and not new blog/comic posts, it probably wouldn't register with the inkOUTBreak aggregators.

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