Dr. Perverto has escaped from prison and it's time for the Super Haters to leap into action!

Super Haters #258

Super Haters #257Nils-Petter Norlin
Guest Week
Super Haters #259
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All week long, I've been posting Nils' unlettered artwork on the Super Haters Tumblr page. So if you're tired of my letters getting the in the way of your artistic enjoyment, then go check out #255, #256, #257, and the others as I post them (#258 will be going up soon!!!).

Also, I'd like to add that panel three of this strip is my favorite image of the story arc. LOOK HOW BADASS THEY ARE FLYING INTO THE HORIZON!!!

Comments on Nils-Petter Norlin Guest Week pt 4? We got 2 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Panic says:

    One of my two favorite panels is also in this one. Panel 2. And no, not because of the nudity. Ok partly because of it, but mostly because of how her clothes manifest out of nowhere swirling around her as glowing threads.

    Other favorite it Strip 1 panel 5 where Perverto presses the button.

  2. The Perverto button panel is awesome. I really like panel two in this strip as well, mostly because it's so elegant. But I think I like panel one even more! Reminds me of a Mr. T "suiting up" cut scene that he used to have on one of his TV shows.

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