The Super Haters were ambushed by Dr. Perverto, who decimated a stretch of winding mountain road and everything on it... including Destruct-O-Tron's sexy red convertible!

Super Haters #256

Super Haters #255Nils-Petter Norlin
Guest Week
Super Haters #257
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You might be looking at the credits on this comic strip and wondering to yourself "why is the artist listed first?" There are a few reasons for that. The first answer is that Nils is our guest, and I think that means his name should come first. The second is because Nils told me what kind of story he wanted to tell, including certain plot points, and that makes us co-plotters. The third is because I think artists should be listed first in comics credits. Not to diminish the contribution of writers, but artists -- specifically pencilers -- have the most labor intensive job in comics assembly. In a perfect world, I think all comics should be credited like Armor Wars II where John Romita, Jr.'s name sat above John Byrne. But that's just me.

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  1. Actually fighting crime? The big D's dad might turn proud.

  2. Fighting crime AND having sex ;D

  3. Panic says:

    Interesting idea with the credits. Never really thought about it, but I guess it is pretty rare to see the artist's name first.

  4. It is rare. And I think it's especially strange because I've only worked on one or two tiny projects where I, as a writer, was solely 100% responsible for the story. The majority of the comics I create are a product of both the writer and the artist's vision. If I was writing everything and the artists I worked with were simply drawing the exact things I wrote down, maybe I could understand putting my name first. Maybe. But even then I'd be hard pressed to be convinced that artist's don't deserve to be listed first.

  5. Panic says:

    In mainstream stuff I find it perfectly legitimate to have the writer's name first. There are plenty of guys out there that can draw a decent Spiderman or Batman. But not every writer knows all the backstory and personalities of the characters. So usually when a mainstream books fails IMO, it's because of the writing.

    Indie stuff on the other hand, demands more out of the artist since he/she usually has to design all the characters. So there's more of a case to case basis there whether or not the artist or the writers name goes first. But Im with you on this, most of the time it probably should be the artist's name first.

  6. Really good points. I didn't think about it that way, in terms of the sink or swim factor for mainstream comics (and the fact that indie artists have all that world building to do). But either way, I'm still all about the credits revolution. ARTISTS COME FIRST!!!

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