The Super Haters will be taking a week off. I don't wanna skip a week, but I don't have a choice!

See, I'd initially planned to be on vacation right now. And Nils-Petter Norlin Guest Week was supposed to start tomorrow. I was a bit behind schedule, but I planned on having the weekend to catch up and letter the strips. However, I had an unexpected loss in my family this weekend. Along with cutting my vacation short to go take care of things with the fam, Justique and I also caught really bad colds! So I haven't had any time to letter Nils' superb Super Haters artwork.

BUT... I'll be posting teasers all week long to get you properly excited for Nils-Petter Norlin Guest Week. His art and storytelling is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY! It's totally kickass. So I hope you enjoy this week of teasers while I take the time to get caught up and give you the best comics that I can.

Also, in case you missed them, I've already shared a couple a couple of images by Nils. You can check them out here and here.

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  1. Damn man, so sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope things get better. Take care!

  2. Thx!

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