Destruct-O-Tron continues his search for evil henchmen.

Super Haters #247

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EDIT: I should add that the guest character in today's strip is Skull, first seen in Super Haters #20 and reappearing as a potential fill-in for Destruct-O-Tron in Super Haters #107.

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  1. ross says:

    what's the deal with Reggie's arm?

  2. Hahaha the deal with Reggie's arm is that the character is from the very first drawing I did after I bought my first scanner back in 2005.

    He was inspired by this image I found online from the Japanese Spider-Man TV show.

    And he's a LOT like the inspiration, but I felt like he needed something to differentiate him from the original, so I gave him a bone armor/covering for his arm.

    He also shows up at the very beginning of this video clip.

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