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Super Haters #238

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Guest Week
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If you're reading this post on the Super Haters blog (and not in an RSS feed), look at the sidebar and see if you can notice something new there. See it yet??? Okay, I'll tell you -- I added a Followers widget.

When I originally launched this blog, I was apprehensive about putting the Followers widget out there because the last thing I wanted was a young webcomic that displayed five followers or some other meager number.

But it seems to me that the Followers feature has become pretty standard on most Blogger blogs nowadays, so I'm going to leave that widget out there for a few weeks and see if Super Haters can get a nice-sized following going on.

If you're a frequent Super Haters reader, I encourage you to become a public follower and share your fondness for the Haters with the world!!

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