Rodney, demon god almighty? No, not anymore. Now he's just plain Rodney. And as for Destruct-O-Tron... well, you can call him by his new name -- DESTRUCT-O-GOD!!!

Super Haters #221

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I can't keep this charade up anymore. I've been trying to act really psyched day in and day out, but the fact is that I'm a little burned out on the Super Haters. Justique and I are struggling to write the strip day to day. Not that we don't love the characters... it's just that we're not passionate about any of our story ideas right now.

And this is where you come in -- I NEED YOUR HELP! Suggest anything. Seriously. I don't care what it is. Just suggest it and I'll try to fit it into the comic strips.

BUT... there's a catch. If you don't suggest anything, well, then you might just get three blank panels of the characters standing around doing nothing. That's right -- I'm holding you (my loyal readers) hostage!!! EITHER YOU GIVE ME IDEAS OR YOU DON'T GET ANY JOKES!!!!!!!!

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  1. If you want a superhero related idea... I don't know how well this works with SH, but... I watched Captain America this weekend (loved it) and it reminded me of a thought I have always had. How do these giant cult armies (like Hydra and Ultimatum and the followers of that guy who fought Shang-Chi) recruit their members.

    Are there really that many physically fit and rudderless men out there willing to give their lives for a madman?

    Sorting that out could make for some humor.

  2. KILLER SUGGESTION! And kinda funny you would say that because I saw Cap yesterday (I also loved it, BTW), and my only complaint was that I had no idea why those faceless goons would want to join Red Skull's Hydra. What was he offering them that could make up for the horrible ass-whoopings they received? It didn't seem like there was anything good about that gig.

    Anyway, suffice to say that I love your suggestion and I'm definitely using it. THX!!!!!

  3. BradyDale says:

    Here's another one: a supervillain who retires from the life of crime and opens up a gym for super strong characters. The gym is a bunch of locked rooms with giant mythological monsters. You pay your annual membership fee and you can go in there and fight the monsters any time you want.

    Big fine if you kill one though.

  4. BRILLIANT! That sounds like the basis for a whole new comic!!! You're on fire this week.

  5. Ha ha ha... thanks. I love thinking about ancillary superhero businesses. I can do this all day. Did you read BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE? I have always been haunted by the story about the designer who comes up with Batman's weapons in his spare time.

    I have a short story I wrote a couple years ago that's sorta/kinda along these lines. I really need to type that sucker up. Maybe I will serialize it on ETB?

  6. I read some of the stories from Black & White reprinted in other places, but I don't think I've ever read the whole thing. The one your're talking about sounds sweet.

    You should definitely serialize your short story on your site!!! Or just put the whole thing up at once! And other places, too. I dunno... websites where people short stories.

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