Degenerate Dwarf has confronted Mind's Eye about his altered appearance.

Super Haters #213

Super Haters #212Pete Borrebach
Guest Week
Super Haters #214
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  1. ross says:

    ever since you changed the site format on comic #206 the comment box won't load for me unless i disable AdBlocker and then re-enable it, or if i load a comments thread pre-format-change and then re-load the newer thread.

    anyway, this is probably one of the best Super Haters strips so far.

  2. thx! i mean that's all pete's doing... but thx anyway!

    as for the comments problem, the only thing i changed that should have affected that was getting rid of the reactions box. i mean, the comments box is right above my banner ads, so maybe that has something to do with it too... but they've always been like that. i'll look into it, though, and see what i can find. thx for letting me know!

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