Despite being dismissed by Mind's Eye after they got it on, Degenerate Dwarf is feeling like a million bucks.

Super Haters #211

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Guest Week
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  1. ross says:

    what the... so avant garde, what the hell is going on? the math equation???


  3. Pete says:

    Wow, I just realized that if a reader doesn't look up the equation, it may never be clear what the big joke is in this whole week...

    let's get weird! And depressing!

  4. The actual "equation" is really a string of different equations happening in sequence, and I did my best to pull out a part of the sequence that seemed most relevant to what Degenerate Dwarf is going through.

    Basically, in layman's terms, the equation means "Pete Borrebach Guest Week = weird + depressing"

  5. ross says:

    how the hell can i look up the equation, i can't plug that shit into google! ASSHOLES

  6. you could probably look up one part of the equation and find it.

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