Coming off of a string of bad breakups, Mind's Eye has made the mistake of hooking up with Degenerate Dwarf.

Super Haters #210

Super Haters #209Pete Borrebach
Guest Week
Super Haters #211
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Welcome to Pete Borrebach Guest Week! I'm honored to have Pete, a close friend and frequent collaborator of mine, directing this week's comic strips. In the past, we've worked together on Zombie Palin... and currently, we're working together on Time Log. (Not to mention our numerous music projects together.)

From the moment I invited Pete to be a Guest Week contributor, he knew he wanted to tell a Degenerate Dwarf story. Degenerate Dwarf, as you may remember, was seen very early on in Super Haters when Mind's Eye was trying to replace Destruct-O-Tron. You can read his first appearance in Super Haters #13.

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