Spurned by Destruct-O-Tron, Mind's Eye left and came back four days later with her new lover... DESTRUCT-O-BOT!!!

Super Haters #206

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Some of you may have already noticed a few changes here on the blog between this time yesterday and today. For those of you who haven't, let me call your attention to them:

  • The web address: Up til now, I've been using superhaters.com as a redirect to superhaters.blogspot.com... but that's changed. If you look in your address bar, you'll see that the new primary URL is comics.superhaters.com. The old blogspot URLs will still work, but from now on everything will use the superhaters.com domain.
  • Reactions are gone: The one negative side effect of switching to comics.superhaters.com is that all the "reactions" check boxes (funny, weird, kickass, whatever, etc.) were reset. And I figured that instead of leaving a bunch of blank reactions up, it'd look better if I just took them down. You can always leave your reactions in a comment, and I strongly encourage you to do that! When I know what you like the most, I can make the strip better for you.
  • New sharing options: If you look at the bottom of this post, there are some small gray icons right before the date and time. Those are for sharing the comics through Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. Please don't hesitate to share Super Haters when you like it -- that's another way to let me know you're digging what I'm doing!

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  1. the tweaks are lookin good well done sir well done

  2. The design changes look crappy.

  3. @Destruct-O-Tron: The design didn't change, you clod.

    @Workshop 13: Glad you like the tweaks. Also, I like your sexy monkey icon.

  4. Shawn says:

    why thank you mindeye (wink)

  5. Wait... where'd the sexy monkey go??? This other icon is a picture of a human! Definitely not as good.

  6. ross says:


  7. BRB

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