Mind's Eye was finally able to convince Susan to take Jerry home with her for a few days.

Super Haters #199

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It's with both joy and sadness that I announce an immediate change in the way I share this comic -- starting today, Super Haters will be posted Monday-Friday. I'm sad because I hate to make any changes to the posting schedule. But I'm happy because I really need the extra time in my own personal schedule!

See, starting this Super Haters blog was a test to see how fast I could create without sacrificing quality. I chose a seven-days-a-week schedule because I wanted to quickly re-post the original 64 strips and leap into the new content as soon as possible (plus, I really wanted the new stuff to start on Groundhog's Day... it's my favorite holiday, after all).

And I've really enjoyed posting seven new comics a week for the past four months. But the time it takes to create Super Haters hasn't decreased much. In fact. it's basically stayed the same since I first started producing this comic two years ago (more on that in a moment).

Then there's other stuff -- for example, my upcoming book, collecting the first 200 or so Super Haters comics. I want to get it out there (along with other fun Super Haters stuff like shirts and more) as soon as possible. But it takes a lot of time to put something like that together when you're the writer, editor, and publisher!

You can expect the Super Haters blog to still update on most weekends. Frankly, there's always extra stuff I want to share with you... it's just that I rarely have the time to share it. And speaking of updating on the weekends, make sure you're back here tomorrow (June 25th) to celebrate the two year anniversary of Super Haters!!!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's supported Super Haters throughout its short lifespan -- I really appreciate all of your comments and criticism and artwork. It makes the labor I put into this comic all worthwhile.

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