After going on a ridiculous international adventure with Destruct-O-Tron, Mind's Eye is catching up with her old friend, Susan.

Super Haters #195

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NOTE: Just in case you forgot (or didn't already know), Todd = Destruct-O-Tron.

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm experimenting with the lettering style again. For those of you who already disliked my solid line balloon tails I've been using since the #130s, you're probably hating this new balloon-less style already. I appreciate your feedback, even if it's negative.

Personally speaking, there are three things I really like about this new style -- 1. It feels a lot more relaxed, 2. Curved tails, and 3. Color-coordinated text!

EDIT: I changed my mind. And I changed the letters. The new ones are above. You can still see the old ones here.

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  1. In retrospect, I think I hate the new letters.

  2. Pete says:

    New letters are weird.

  3. Yeah, they're pretty bad. I just finished relettering it. I'll post it in a sec.

  4. ross says:

    i liked the balloon-less lettering with just a line for the tail.

  5. hahaha really?!? i thought you were gonna hate it the most!!!

  6. ross says:

    no, i actually really dug it! when i checked the comic yesterday i thought i was nuts, i was like "i could have SWORN he changed the lettering and i was going to comment on it but now it's back to balloons again and it doesn't look like there was EVER any balloon-less ones!" until i saw the update. anyway, i liked it, it seemed open and efficient.

  7. thx for saying. i really appreciate your thoughts on it. i loved the openness of it, but after i went to bed and came back the next day, it just looked insane to me, like a chaotic mess of blue and purple text with these wimpy, squiggly tails.

    even though i loathe the process of adding the balloons, i love how easy it is to read since balloons are such a standard. anyway, i decided to completely dump the colored letters, which at least saves me a little time.

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