After an up-and-down (well, mostly down) Hawaiian vacation, the Haters finally caught their flight back home... but, uhhhhh, they had a bit of a catastrophe due to some misplaced newt's blood.

Super Haters #187

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AHHHHHH CRAP!!! I forgot to post Super Haters at its regular time (normally I say this when I post it a half hour late, but we're talking about six hours late today). See, earlier in the day, I was at the extras auditions for a film titled "Magnus Rex." Yeeeaaahhh. I'd tell you the real name of it, but I'm not supposed to say. Anyway, it's no excuse. It's just the reason why I forgot. :(

OH WELL! I hope you enjoyed today's conclusion of the Vacation story arc. Now get ready for tomorrow when we kick off the start of Shawn Atkins Guest Week!

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  1. justique says:

    Jerry borrowed my "Dat Ass" paddle and i want it back

  2. I thought that paddle looked familiar...

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