It's time for the Haters to wrap up their tumultuous Hawaiian vacation and catch their flight home, so Mind's Eye has taken it upon herself to transform a reluctant Destruct-O-Tron back to normal.

Super Haters #184

Super Haters #183VacationSuper Haters #185
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Ooopppspspsps!!! I'm posting the comic late again! What's my excuse today? Two things: 1. I was lettering Stick Cats #9, featuring kickass guest art by Katie Henderson; and 2. I had a Jack Kirby documentary playing in the background. So suffice to say that I was pretty distracted. Anyway, I highly recommend both today's Stick Cats AND the Kirby documentary. They go together like, ummm... bubble gum and mashed potatoes. Yeaaahhh.

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  1. did she shoot the cloud out of her boobs or is that my imagination?

  2. that certainly wasn't my intent, but i see nothing wrong with your interpretation.

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