While this change is relatively minor, it makes things way better for everyone!

On the Archives page, clicking on the title of a story arc used to take you to deviantART, where you could read a Super Haters story arc as one large consolidated image. But stupid me forgot that you need to be logged into deviantART to be able to see anything with strong profanity (a.k.a. this comic)!!! That meant the majority of readers would have to create deviantART accounts to read the collected arcs.

But now I've switched things up -- clicking on the title of a story arc takes you to the corresponding photo album on the Super Haters Facebook page. Everyone has access to that (well, except for the few of you at work who can't access Facebook... SORRY!).

Anyway, I hope this change will increase the Super Haters satisfaction levels for those of you out there who don't regularly use deviantART. I'll still be posting the arcs on there, but I won't be linking to them from the Archives page.

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