Nobody likes depressing Destruct-O-Tron. In fact, he just got kicked out of his own band, causing him to reevaluate his new style...

Super Haters #159

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Oooopps!!! I forgot to post the strip at its regularly scheduled time today! AHHHH!!!

In other news, Blogger is pretty much back to normal after their hiccup last week... pretty much everything EXCEPT for this blog!!! So I just went back and reposted #156. And sorry to those who had their comments deleted from #155!

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  1. justique says:

    Mind's eye...IS sexy

  2. I guess so, but she's no Justique ;)

  3. justique says:

    And no Nick either....

  4. And no Destruct-O-Tron either!!!!

  5. ross says:

    looks like you two had a mushy moment here in the comments. ;)

    i think Mind's Eye should have had a recolored emo look in this strip.

  6. I don't do emo.

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