Wait a goddamn minute! Destruct-O-Tron might finally be starting to understand the way things work down here!!! (Uhhh... or not.)

Super Haters #146

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We're in the home stretch now (thank fucking god)! Destruct-O-Inferno only has one more (exhausting) week to go. And if you're keeping track at home (why would you?), we've made it through seven of the nine rings of Hell (and 15 of the 16 hellish comic strips from this decompressed story arc). The scorecard looks something like (yo' mama) this:

  1. Limbo - Eggstradamus
  2. Lust - Dr. Perverto
  3. Gluttony - Brains
  4. Greed - The Unliving Bling
  5. Anger - Destruct-O-Granny
  6. Heresy Cleanliness - Li'l Limpio
  7. Violence - Blood Bath

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