As Destruct-O-Tron continues his journey through Hell, he's starting to get terribly confused about why the people he's encountering have been sentenced to eternal damnation.

Super Haters #145

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ACK!!! I'm posting the comic a few mins late AGAIN! But this time, it's because I lost track of time while working on the plot for a relaunch of my Zombie Palin webcomic. ZP was my very first webcomic, made back in late 2008. Ahhhh the golden years...

Anyway, as for the transcripts, I've decided to abandon them for now. I REALLY dig the idea, but it's a pain in the ass to put them together everyday, especially because I don't work in a strict script format. Most of my dialogue is changed on the fly as I letter the comic! If you really love the transcripts and want to see them return, let me know. But otherwise, they're on permanent hiatus.

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