Brian Cronin is running a feature this May called A Month of Webcomics over on his Comics Should Be Good blog at Comic Book Resources. CSBG is one of my favorite blogs, and it's by far my favorite blog for superhero comics content, so I'm thrilled that Super Haters was featured this past weekend!

It's a spotlight on Super Haters and not a review, so I don't have lots of glowing pull quotes to share with you... but Brian does a good job summing the style of this comic strip. He notes our over-reliance on sex jokes and the fact that Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye spend most of their time standing around and talking.

My favorite line from the piece is: "But really, at the heart of the strip, Marino just likes to do lots of absurdist humor." That's exactly what I'm going for here!!! He gets it!!

Anyway, go check out A Month of Webcomics - Super Haters now!

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