As I mentioned in my last review blog post, my bud Brian John Mitchell was kickass enough to include Super Haters in his most recent round of press outreach.

And thx to that, Super Haters landed an awesome review from Luke Halsall of Geek Syndicate. Here's what Luke had to say:

Super Haters by Nick Marino and Justique Woolridge follows Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye. They are two ineffective heroes who can barely fight crime and never save the world. A satire on the typical comic book hero. ... Marino and Woolridge's script is tight and funny. It works well as do the jokes. The two lead characters play off each other well. It is fast paced, firing joke after joke. This could be a worrying thing to hear with many writers using so many jokes to cover up that only one or two that are funny. Yet this is not the case here. They are a well crafted, humorous take on the hero. For example, Battle Pixie is a hilarious portrayal of what a fairy would look like. ... The artwork of Super Haters is simple but this is to its credit. It compliments the satirist style of the book interestingly. ... Super Haters is a funny take on a super hero's life and worth checking out.

Thx, Luke!

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