Li'l Limpio and Destruct-O-Tron hashed out their differences, and now our orange armored protag is ready to move on! But as he advances to the next ring of Hell, there's a question on his damaged mind...

Super Haters #144

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EDIT: Decided to change "wanger" to "dong" based on Ross's observation in the comments.

Super Haters #144 transcript

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  1. Only 20 mins late today!!! I'm almost back on track :) AND there was a punchline crisis at 10:58 AM today... so I think things came out well!

  2. ross says:

    god's wanger?? is that supposed to be wager? who is that alligator?!?! is he holding a hamburger or something?

  3. hahaha i didn't think about the "wager" confusion. i meant "wanger" as in dick.

    the alternate punchline options were "God's dong turned out to be way smaller than I'd expected." and "The 'Holy Spirit' was way smaller than I'd expected." do you like either of those better?

    to prevent the "wager" confusion, i'm mean leaning towards "dong."

  4. @Ross: it's kinda hard to tell what he's holding in the picture, but it's pretty obvious in person -- it's a loofah. the guy's bathing himself in that stuff. Hell is so nasty.

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