If you thought Destruct-O-Granny's anger was a low moment for Destruct-O-Tron, then get ready for what's next... LOWER LOWS!!!

Super Haters #142

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Sorry I'm posting today's comic strip a couple hours late! I got caught up making a song -- a beat/remix to be exact. Here's a direct link to the Numb Brrr Won (demo) mp3. I haven't mastered the track yet, but the mix is finalized.

Super Haters #142 transcript

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  1. mooncalfe says:

    is he covered in ketchup or paint or something?! i seem to remember red paint being involved.

    i can't seem to comment on blogspot pages using my google/gmail account anymore, it always gets an error. :\

  2. THAT BLOWS!!! I wonder why Google shut you out... I guess you could Google the error (no pun intended, seriously) and see if anyone else has that problem.

    As for the comic, the answer to your question is in Super Haters #73 (also check out #143 for more about this). Basically, in #73 there was a throwaway line alluding to Li'l Limpio's fate, and I decided to follow up on it.

    C'mon man, ya gotta know your Super Haters continuity!!!

  3. @Ross: I hacked your Google account and used it to email people naked pictures of Chaka Khan. True story.

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