Lust. It got Charlie Sheen. It got Xtina. And it also got Dr. Perverto, as Destruct-O-Tron has learned on his journey through Hell.

Super Haters #136

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I've been meaning to mention this but I haven't gotten the chance yet -- if you haven't already noticed, I've switched up the lettering style for this story arc. Lettering is surprisingly time consuming for me while making Super Haters, and I thought that ditching the traditional balloon tails might shave off some excess work time. So far, it's been a bit of a time saver (though not a huge one).

An even more significant change, however, is that I've switched from lettering in Illustrator to lettering in Photoshop. That doesn't save me a ton of time, per se, because the process is largely the same. But it does save me the extra step of having to use two programs to complete the comic!

Anyway, if you have any feedback on the lettering -- good or bad -- let me know in the comments. And if I don't see any comments about it, then I'll take that as a good thing!!!

Super Haters #136 transcript

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  1. I prefer the "traditional" word balloon tail to the stick.

  2. ross says:

    hmmm. the stick-tails work fine when it's a single balloon, but when they turn into multiple connected balloons like in panel 2 or in strip #132 it gets harder for me to read, like they blend together. so i guess i prefer the regular tail.

  3. @Brian and Ross: Thx!!! I disliked the stick tails myself when I started using them, but I kinda dig them now. But regardless of my feelings, I appreciate the opinions. No matter what, the stick tails will be around until the end of Destruct-O-Inferno, but after that, things could change if "Stick tails suck!!!" is still the overall feeling.

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