Destruct-O-Tron and Eggstradamus are journeying through the nine rings of Hell on their way to Satan's anus, and they've just bumped into their first condemned soul...

Super Haters #135

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Today, I've got a special #135 variant edition to share with you!!! Over on the Super Haters Facebook page, I held a quick informal contest and the winner was none other than Link, my friend from the Yamagato Industries Business Report podcast!!! What did Link win, you ask? His prize is a personalized version of today's comic strip... a little something I like to call Super Haters #135L. Check it out:

Super Haters #135L

Link has recently become a comics creator himself with the Yamagato webcomic, a geek-centric weird-fest of comic book and video game in-jokes. And Link's most recent comic is my favorite one yet!

Super Haters #135 transcript

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