Destruct-O-Tron died. Mind's Eye tried to make the best out of a bad situation, but her best wasn't good enough. Rejected and depressed, she gave up. But little did she know, a certain orange armored moron has set out on an epic quest to return to her side...

Super Haters #132

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Justique and I are super excited to bring you the epic literary homage that is... DESTRUCT-O-INFERNO!!! As many of you can see, I'm trying something a little different with today's comic -- it's animated! If you can't see the animation, well, I'm sorry. But the animated GIF is there! And if you hate animation, then click on the strip to see a still PNG version :)

Super Haters #132 transcript

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  1. AHHHHAHAHA! I'm back, baby!!! Oh and thx to Danny Boy Greenwald for telling that untold tale from my past. Protect-O-Tron is a total dick.

    And, uhhh, don't try to figure out how I'm commenting from Hell. I'm just special like that.

  2. Yeah, you're definitely special... that's for sure.

  3. ross says:


  4. I <3 motion comics.

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