Destruct-O-Tron has been sucked into a strange alternate reality... and now he stands face-to-face with Protect-O-Tron!!!

Super Haters #127

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Guest Week
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Super Haters #127 transcript

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  1. Tron vs Tron!

  2. SHHH!!! Don't say that too loud or Disney'll try to sue us!

  3. Marcel says:

    Do apostrophes help? 'Tron vs. 'Tron?!?

  4. What about "Destruct-O vs. Protect-O!"? Seems like less of a legal gray area.

  5. How about DOT vs POT?

  6. Works for me.

  7. Works for me too.

  8. What's up with all the dots in the alternate reality? Is it almost, but not quite, the early 1980s?

  9. Dan, I'm gonna need you to field this one. The skyline is all Dan -- I just lettered his week of strips (well, and drew the characters, ya know from forever ago... but I didn't do POT's colors).

  10. Brian, you're on the right track. Basically the halftone pattern represents the more traditional comic book/superhero reality of Protect-O-Tron as opposed to the "real world" that Destruct-O-Tron comes from. If I had managed my time better, I would have thrown in some Kirby dots to further the idea.

  11. There's something POT that reminds me of 80s Mike Zeck Captain America covers: Cap #272 ... Cap #275

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