Shadoweyes may have given up on brainstorming team names with Mind's Eye, but she hasn't given up on fighting crime!!!

Super Haters #117

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Super Haters #117 transcript

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  1. Remember how Destruct-O-Tron used to comment on the comic strips? I miss that...

  2. Me too...

  3. Me three...

  4. WAIT... WTF???

  5. JK! That was me. He left his laptop logged in. :)

  6. You're a terrible person.

  7. Marcel says:

    Is this what goes on when I'm not online? By the way, going back in time a week, I nominate "Eye Spies" for the team name!

  8. I like EYE SPIES! Dangerous yet elegant :)

  9. Is Shadoweyes a girl? I always have problems telling the difference between boys & girls....

  10. Yeah, she is. But there's nothing about her that's overtly male or female when she's in this form. Before she's a blue alien monster, though, she looks like a normal teen girl.

  11. ross says:

    haha, i like Scout's narrowing eyes in each panel. grimmer and grimmer.

  12. I'm glad you noticed!!! I like to think of her as getting more and more irritable.

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