Forget about Destruct-O-Bot... a REAL superhero is finally wearing the Destruct-O-Gear 5000! It's none other than that spunky blue streak of street justice... Ross Campbell's Shadoweyes!!!

Super Haters #112

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I am positively thrilled to bring you this Super Haters / Shadoweyes crossover. MEGA giant thx to Ross (our first Guest Week writer, natch) for being okay with this crossover (hell, for being excited about it... for reasons I'll never comprehend). And get ready for a big ol' chunk of Scout Montana because she's gonna be sticking around for a couple weeks.

New to Shadoweyes? You can pick up Shadoweyes v1 and Shadoweyes v2: Shadoweyes in Love from Amazon.

Quick note -- Ross is having a small tech problem with, so I'm not gonna link to the main site until that's resolved. Hopefully everything should be fixed later today!

Super Haters #112 transcript

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