OH NO! Mind's Eye has pink hair and that can only mean one thing -- she's sick! But sick like how???

Super Haters #74

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Our guest star in today's strip is Doc. His first related appearance was in Super Haters #18... but his very first appearance wasn't even in Super Haters! Doc (like the character Brains) is originally from my political parody webcomic Zombie Palin. Doc guested in Zombie Palin #4 way back in Nov 2008.

Comments on Sick pt 2? We got 2 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Sorry, there's only one "Doc" that I recognize...


  2. Haha NICE! I don't remember him from G.I.Joe... you could pretend this Doc is "Doc, Sr." and the other one is "Doc, Jr."

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