The Super Haters are stuck as little kids and they need to find themselves a legal guardian so they don't get tossed into a foster home. Battle Pixie was a little too violent for the job, but hopefully this next candidate will fit the bill...

Super Haters #70

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Nearly three weeks ago, I made an appeal to the listeners of A Podcast with Ross and Nick #86 to "like" Super Haters on Facebook so I could set my custom URL. I said that 25th person (25 being the number needed to put me into custom URL territory) to like the Haters would win a special appearance in the comic strip.

Lucky for me, Ross Campbell hadn't liked the Haters on FB yet, so he became the lucky 25th fan... AND THAT MEANS HE WON THE GUEST SPOT! So three weeks and 10 new Facebook fans later, and here it is -- the Ross appearance!

But the Super Haters Facebook fun isn't over -- the person who becomes the 50th fan will win their own kickass Super Haters guest spot! Oh, and while you're at it, go read Shadoweyes by Ross.

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  1. The way I edited the photo, it makes Ross look like he has a very prominent collar bone.

  2. Hey Ross, nice hoodie!!! Where'd you get it... Generic Hoodies'R'Us? BA-ZING!!!

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