Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye are dead!!! Mulldusa and The Living Bling are dead (twice)!!! So now what? Answer: THIS.

Super Haters #50a

Super Haters #49dWackySuper Haters #51a
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And thus begins two weeks of variant storytelling! These next seven installments will be "A" variants and they tell one story, while next week's "D" variants tell a similar-yet-different tale.

And if you're confused about the "A" and "D" naming system, check out yesterday's post for an explanation.

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  1. The timing of this strip is really funny because Ross and I were just discussing my biggest Phantomkeeper inspirations on our latest podcast, #85. He's inspired by Devil-Slayer, and his sack is Felix's bag and, even though I was wrong about this as I discovered in the podcast, the Darkforce stuff from Marvel was a misinterpreted inspiration too.

  2. justique says:

    I love this one...the party pooper makes me chuckle a little everytime

  3. I love poop as well.

  4. justique says:

    I'm sure you do...

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