And thus begins something I like to call variant hell, with today being a variant edition of yesterday's Super Haters #49a. Truth be told, it's not hellish -- in fact, the variants are really fun. But today marks the start of two weeks of variant Super Haters comic strips, so get ready for some alternate storytelling!!!

Super Haters #49d

Super Haters #48WTF?Super Haters #50d
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Confused about the naming of #49a vs. #49d? It's pretty simple... during its original run, Super Haters was posted at and, with "A" variants on the AudioShocker and "D" variants on DrunkDuck.

There's only been one slight change since then -- today's #49d was originally posted as #49b. The variant thing is confusing enough as it is, so I've streamlined the naming and switched today's strip over to the "D" group (which is how it should have been in the first place).

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