The Haters are on Tumblr and Twitter! Follow them!!!

As a special incentive, I just posted a Destruct-O-Tron character profile on our Tumblr page. It's a compendium of everything we know thus far about the enigma that is the pilot of the Destruct-O-Gear 5000! Go hit up the post and reblog it if you think it's worthy.

As for Twitter, I haven't started my special incentive yet... but I'm thinking maybe I'll post unannounced art previews over there to whet your appetite for upcoming comic strips!

NOTE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS: Right now, I'm not importing the webcomic's RSS feed on either network. But when the new Super Haters material launches on February 2nd, I'll begin importing everything so you can get your daily links to the webcomic from Twitter or Tumblr instead of having to check the main site every day @ 11AM.

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