I'm super proud to announce that Super Haters is a 2010 SPACE Prize Webcomics Finalist!!! (See the list of 2010 finalists here.)

First things first -- don't go gettin' all wound up. There were only six entries to the Webcomics category, and there are now six finalists in the Webcomics category. So you can see how that worked out in my favor! I'm just honored that Bob Corby didn't give Super Haters the axe.

Voting for the competition is open only to people who exhibited at the 2010 SPACE expo (and you vote by sending Bob Corby an email). So if you set up at SPACE in 2010, I implore you to please consider voting for Super Haters!!!

There are lots of easy ways to read the eligible Super Haters strips (#1-41):

So keep your fingers crossed for me! And MUCHO thx if you're voting for Super Haters!!!

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  1. justique says:

    YES!!! So happy!

  2. THX BABY!

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