The bickering is over! Now it's time for the Haters to get to work.

Super Haters #5

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A new story arc! This strip kicks off a series of somewhat unrelated gags wherein the Haters spend some quality time together.

UPDATE 07/25/12: After three years, I finally realized that this comic strip has a typo in it!! Here's the original version with the typo in the second panel. I kinda like it, though, because it sounds like Destruct-O-Tron is saying that Dame Death broke his Canon laser printer and not his laser cannon. Anyway, speaking of his laser cannon, you can check out his weapon here (but beware... SPOILERS!!!).

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  1. justique says:

    Where does one get a sandwich around their parts?

  2. you tell me! you're the new lead writer!!! i can see it now... a six-part story arc called "Getting a Sandwich"

  3. justique says:


  4. not doing it for you? okay, fine. how about they go to the club and the story arc is called "Dance Floor Sandwich"???

  5. i'm so there!!! i got hot moves, baby!

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