Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron are reunited! But it looks like their reunion may be short-lived...

Super Haters #17

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  1. justique says:

    "No! I just use it to keep me greased up inside the suit!"


  2. Thanks! I designed the system myself. See, the suit is pretty much self-sustainable except for the fact that it generates a lot of heat and, in combination with the friction from my own movements, it can get really dry in here. So, with the help of Mr. Craptastic, I developed a long-lasting gel-based lubricant to keep me nice and loose inside the Destruct-O-Gear 5000. It's dripping out in this one because, 1) I put too much on that day, and 2) it was actually mixing with my tears and becoming more fluid. Sniffle.

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