Have you ever wondered what the Super Haters would look like if they were in a mainstream comic book? Yeah, me neither.

BUT Andrew Kilian did!!!!

Destruct-O-Tron by Andrew Kilian

He posted his bodacious Destruct-O-Tron on deviantART, muscles rippling and armor gripping tight to his nether regions.

BOLD! STRONG! SEXY! Not words I would normally use for Destruct-O-Tron, but in this case... I'll make a proud exception!

In the comments on his post, Andrew jokingly suggested that I should color the drawing. And I took it seriously. So above you have Andrew's sweet-as-hell sketch and my mediocre colors. Together? Magic!

I also posted my colors version of Destruct-O-Tron on my deviantART account, so go check it out and leave a comment! And while you're there, check out some of the other Super Haters character art and bios I have posted in the Super Haters characters gallery.

Comments on Destruct-O-Tron Fan Art!!!? We got 4 so far... leave yours now!

  1. OMG I LOOK SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! Kilian, you are the shit! I would be getting laid left and right if I looked like that all the time.

  2. aaahhahahahaha



    no. just... no.

  3. justique says:

    I digs the kicks


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